the Markitects are strategic marketing advisors.
We inject multinational practices into ANY sector or size to differentiate & accelerate growth.



Our 3 angles to sustainable growth



We bring you senior marketing experience from 20+ sectorsSo what? Start thinking beyond competition & industry-accepted rules. 


Add immediate value by enriching your marketing with proven strategies.


Growth needs to be sustainable in 2 senses : it needs to be profitable to operate & it needs to respect ALL its stakeholders (incl. the planet).

We believe marketing can accelerate consumers' shift to sustainable solutions by using marketing science to touch the (less involved) masses.


Customer-centricity isn't a vain word. Our multinationals' Consumer Goods roots stimulate true customer-thinking.


Our Marketing director-experience in local & international environments allows us to challenge our clients to think outside of their product.


They already put their trust in us

We attack ANY industry! B2B/OTC/B2C/NGO... From biotech to telco or pharma. Both multinationals with few senior FTEs, midcaps or scale-/start-ups. Clear preference for sustainable / shared value products & services.

We act as longer term outsourced marketing directors, consult'erim managers (yes, even ad interim we remain value-adding advisors), or ad hoc consultants.

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News, opinions & insights

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