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We bring you senior marketing experience from 20+ sectors. Think beyond competition and industry-accepted rules. Add immediate value, enrich your marketing with proven strategies and tactics.

Launch of a new-to-the-world technology, a start-up, a new trend, add a new purchase driver, create a new subcategory, build a new range. 

Relaunch a product,  restructure the portfolio, cut the tail, rebrand or reposition, etc. 

From vision to values, business model generation, from concept to value proposition, from marketing strategy to launch implementation, we developed a strong expertise in helping clients from an engineer’s product idea all the way to commercialisation.

Based on your issue, we will identify adequate tools. Start-ups or SME don’t have millions for TV like multinationals do.

Acquisition -  Adoption acceleration - Behavioral science - Brand Architecture - Change Management - Content Strategy - Conversion Journey - CX - Data - Digital - Growth Hacking - HCP marketing - Positioning -  Predictive churn analysis - Purpose and Values - Media plans - Social Media - Touch point sequencing - UX - Value delivery

Marketing facets and tools are too many to list here. We bring senior marketing skills from 20+ sectors, and work with experts and specialist agencies based on your project specifics.

We address ANY lifecycle stages: category-inventor, new technology, challenger brands, relaunch/rebrand, reinvent mature brands, sustainable shift, brand harmonization. We apply a mix of strategic reframing thinking with senior marketing techniques, twisting the mix with unconventional angles to respond to all clients' challenges.

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Independent Cross-Industry Marketing Consulting network:

the Markitects inject strategic Marketing thinking from 20+ sectors to help clients grow sustainably².

Keen preference for pioneers exploring the edges of status quo