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Sowalfin is a major government-to-business (G2B) institution that is in charge to finance entrepreneurs, start-ups, SME and growing companies across all sectors in Wallonia.


They requested us to challenge their complete portfolio of brands, sub brands, positionings in order to facilitate access to their services by entrepreneurs as well as small and midsize companies (SME/ KMO / PME). 

- Diagnostic : based on an in-depth survey with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders (partners, clients, competitors, non-clients or prospects), we were able to identify major issues with the brand and brand architecture, in order to prioritize a series of workstreams for the brand. This was done at corporate, subsidiary, brand, sub brand and product level across the this G2B institution. 

- Zoom out / Parallel worlds : Once the major issues well identified, we took a fresh outsider look to delve into companies with similar issues, be in the same line of services or not. We even scoured FINTECH start-ups across the globe to get a firm picture of how these agile players resolve customer issues in a low cost and nimble way. Our client was open to question its practices, and start-ups can provide challenging inspiration for a big governmental institution.

- Touch point review :  we reviewed all owned media and customer research confirmed current brand architecture created confusion. We identified a coherent corporate brand and brand architecture, pruning a number of tactical brands that had grown historically without building clarity for the SME choosers.  

- Bottom up vision & mission : Dilts' "logical levels" further fed our diagnostic leading the audit from environment/stakeholders to current practices, from expertise to values to vision & mission.

- Positioning : Identifying the clients values enabled us to create a strong brand manifesto.



"The Markitects have demonstrated a fine ability to understand who we are and have succeeded in bringing out the values intrinsic to the Group. They helped us define a coherent positioning to simplify the SOWALFIN service offer for the benefit of Walloon SMEs."   


Emmanuelle GENDEBIEN


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