As an architect, the Markitects help clients with the dream strategy, marketing plan or ideal home. Client teams can then implement or we act as outsourced marketing directors to coordinate execution with specialists.

Gevers' group is specialised in IP and has 300 lawyers worldwide.

the Markitects helped them craft a compelling vision and mission statement to position the Gevers Group and inspire both external and internal stakeholders.

The marketing challenge of productizing a service is fascinating. Intangible elements have to be translated to concrete brand elements and incorporated across the different communication touch points. 

Working on understanding the unique vision and mission of Gevers forced us to dig into what differentiates them from all other IP protection companies. Also, Gevers wanted to position itself more upstream in the decision process, as a real partner for their client innovation strategies vs. an implementor at the end of that process. 

Diving into the world of services made us realise again, that the marketing issues we encounter in a wide variety of sectors boil down to very similar challenges, whether in B2C or B2B.   

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