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Strategic coordination of election campaign.

How many touch points are required to get indifferent “prospects” to convert?

How to convince a cold buyer, not looking to switch?

Trigger interest in politics, break clutter of noisy overcommunicated elections with multiple dozens of “products” to chose from, simplify complex political agendas into snackable content, spark emotion, build relevance by clarifying value on local level.

Some studies say 23 touchpoints should do the job, be it through social media, events, partnerships with multiple stakeholders. An uncommon marketing challenge, but still : a solid marketing challenge. 

What will make prospect-voters to question his ‘status quo’ and start considering to convert to a new solution/brand? 

Knowing this implies adapted media strategies. One touch, or one campaign is obviously not enough. Unwantedly, we get stimulated by 6000 media-mosquitos every day. You can’t assume one sting will make the trick. The number obviously varies by category, by brand or by the iconic creativity of your campaign, but you get the idea.

We mapped the different touch-cartographies of prospects and identified the string of touches needed to remain top of mind with our target persona’s . Over the 10 months preceding the elections, we then co-created the campaigns with the creative and media agencies to achieve our sequence of touches. 

It has been fascinating to discover that marketing issues and strategies translate well, even for such involving topics as voting for local representatives in your city. 

Proud to have been able to contribute to stimulate a candidate that has proven to achieve huge impact wherever he/she is active.  

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