Why us

Cross-Industry Marketing Experience from 20+ sectors deliver immediate added value and innovative angles to ANY marketing issue.

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Differentiating & Disruptive

We love pioneers’ vision, they shift entire industries upwards. Passionate about innovation, we go for breaking new ground and inventive ways to raise attention.

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Hard questions for the better

Being independent, we have the political freedom to challenge every aspect of clients’ approach. On par with CEOs or kings, we dare to question with authenticity.

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We identify

We “own” our clients’ business. We act in “we”.  We tend to become believers when understanding all the work behind the blinds. Our job is to make that story visible.

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Positive impact

Our mission is to drive sustainable consumption (#SDG12). Marketing for good. Societal improvements. Healthier habits. Apply strategy to positive change acceleration.

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Independent Cross-Industry Marketing Consulting network:

the Markitects inject strategic Marketing thinking from 20+ sectors to help clients grow sustainably².

Keen preference for pioneers exploring the edges of status quo