Comme un architecte, les Markitects aident à créer la maison idéale ou la stratégie long terme, le plan marketing. Les équipes-clients peuvent ensuite tout mettre en œuvre, ou nous pouvons agir comme directeur marketing externalisé pour veiller que l'exécution soit aussi stratégique que le plan.

In the industrial food processing industry, a disruptive hygiene standard is in the making. The pioneering REALCO is a biotech with revolutionary technology that is based on natural cleaning agents called enzymes.

Brilliant engineers and researchers developed a portfolio of super efficient products. Being product-focused, they requested us to help them bring the news to the world and accelerate adoption of this new standard.

Unfortunately quality expectations of B2B purchasing teams about natural products have been fed by mediocre products in the past, hence natural products got the fame of being less “aggressive” or cleaning less well than conventional (polluting) cleaning protocols.

The marketing challenge was not only to restore that faith, but also to put REALCO on the map as worldwide pioneer in enzymatic technology and above that enable successful change management, as cleaning procedures with enzymatics require some adaptation. 

Deliverables : We helped them clarify the conversion funnel per stakeholder (drivers and barriers, channel behavior, content needs to maximise engagement), which led amongst others to adapted offers, commercial sales tools, differentiated contextual sequences towards B2B lead generation, content strategy/content creation & curation and ultimately coaching of client teams to be able to function independently.

 We continue to act as "outsourced marketing director" for the client, to help them out on strategic issues, take corrective actions to the plan. 

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