How do you kick-start a resilience culture?

June 21, 2016


Here are a few tactics and questions to start the resilience-debate :



  • Common mission : A recent HBR article (« To recover from a crisis, retell your company’s story » by Harry Hutson and Martha Johnson) mentions a big role for  : «As the organisation segues from « What just happened ?» to «What do we do with what just happened ?» a leader must create a lucid narrative to address confusion and disorientation. A crisis leader must be a storyteller. » What gives strength to combat crisis, is developed confidence around a common mission.


  • Do you confront comfort? What % of your team’s time goes to questioning your category? How much time is allowed to experimentation? Resilience is also the courage to iterate and start again after the N-th innovation fails. Is it ok to fail? Does your business model embrace technology to make things simpler? If your target’s decision-making is changing, does your funnel take that into account? Do you interact digitally in a way that drives conversions? Allow your team to Blue Ocean your industry? Take the codes of the category & break them. Differentiation is key in a cluttered world. Use other weapons than your direct competitors.


  • Yes, let's say it again : Keep in touch with users: create online blogs with users & non-users. Ask why they do certain things, why they left your brand? Share prototypes/MVP’s with customers & learn. Probe to stay in sync.


  • Scan your whole customer experience (CX) and every touchpoint between your brand and your target. Are customers/patients/consumers deliriously happy or actually considering to switch? Is all of your portfolio still needed, is your brand still cool & millennial-cool? Hyper-contextual?


  • Stop to leap? Do you allow time & budget to “step back”? No, there's never time, it’s not volume-related, it’s not helping the short term. Take a chance to wack your marketing mix, review your media strategy? If data and algorithms can calculate anything, what is the question? Should we add services to loyalize churning 1-off purchases?


These is just a kickstarter for debate. What is your recipe for resilience? Do you consider your organization ready-to-combat-anything? Is your brand Uber-proof?


If so, we'd love to hear what tactics you apply (post your comments below).


Gregory Berleur & Thomas Mees

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