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January 31, 2020

"Tipping point" is being used in sustainable jargon to define the moment in which climate change becomes self-alimenting and unstoppable. But a positive change in society’s attitudes is surfacing. Can we stimulate its speed? Make it reach critical masses? Can 2020 be a tipping year?

The double 2 and the double 0 in 2020 create an interesting tension. But 2+2=4, and 4 asks us to focus on what we are 'for'. Hence we summarized a series of positive changes into 4 pillars to argue humanity is capable to tip things the other way. The list isn't exhaustive, but an invitation to add yours!

Scientists have long gathered the facts, but we see knowledge isn't...

Last october, Richard H. Taler received the Nobel Prize for Economics for his work on psychological and social mechanisms which enter into action in our decision-making. In his book 'Nudge' with Cass Sunstein he lays out his theory behind nudge marketing.

Nudges? They’re little influences that softly and subtly steer a consumer choice, based on fine understanding of human decision mechanisms.

Softly as no one likes being forced or manipulated. This choice architecture takes into consideration how people chose before building any choice context. Examples? It can be an opt-out that gets a trillion times more conversions than an effortful opt-in (Defaul...

October 4, 2016

The root problem of “St Môret” in Belgium was low brand awareness, little consumer understanding of its naturality USP, and heavy competitor investment in innovation.

In the Netherlands “Paturain” was also impacted by aggressive competitive activities. Due to limited internal resources to work on additional strategic projects & the recognisable time-pressure, the Markitects were asked to take on the launch of a new segment of “whipped cheese” in both markets in a way to:

  1. reinstall the whole “St Môret” brand in Belgium.

  2. refresh & regain market share with “Paturain” in the Netherlands.

They quickly jumped into our category, analys...

December 15, 2015


What marketing can learn from Xmas? It's that time again! The tree, sparkling red & green decorations, smell of speculaas-spices, 50's Jingle Bell songs, 4 red candles & funny reindeer lights @ the neighbours, ...


We do everything we can to make it warm inside & cheer everyone up in the cold winter. Is there anything useful from this particular experience of Christmas that can be applied back to the marketing science?


We've dissected the Xmas-shopping trip for you, and reverse-engeneered it to push your marketing up the emotional ladder.



Whenever you make a gift to someone, you desperately try to avoid the anonymous 25€ voucher from a cheap r...

November 3, 2015

 How do you kickstart innovation efforts into area's outside your core, such as digital, social, data? 


September 24, 2015

Are you using the digital Uberisation to your advantage?


Whether you’re in B2C or B2B, marketing tools & communication models have been Uberised too (just like taxis or tomtoms). Consumers & prospects alike are being targeted by ever-more relevant, personalised and real-time communications. To achieve impact in the clutter of 6000+ messages per day, companies & brands need to fine-tune their approach.


To strengthen your 2016 plans, the Markitects put together a checklist of 10 provocative questions to kick off some healthy debates.



Download the document here



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