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When thinking of marketing strategy, we think of media plans, digital omnipresence, events, packaging or a website. People don’t often think of Marketing when considering the customer experience (CX). Isn’t that Sales’ responsibility? Or customer service? Or for B2B, isn’t technical assistance or the maintenance guys that are most in touch with customers?

Brands have a variety of touchpoints at disposal, but these touches are not sent out by 1 team. They are handled by different silo’s. The problem is that for customers, the brand = the brand. Whether on the phone, website, facebook, in shops or franchises, in an ad or through interim sales boys at...

February 11, 2016

​​It is a good time around Feb 14 to say it with a smile : stop considering your marketing or your relationship-building with the customer as some St. Valentine's day.


Do the test with your partner. He/she will promptly respond that red roses on St. Valentine's is not enough. You can't limit your love (& showing it) to just 1 day a year. The era of over-investing in media-love during a few times a year is over.


Why is that?




Digital frequency


Digital means daily conversations, a myriad of touchpoints, continuous competition. The super-bowl ads are getting extinct, as burning your whole marketing budget for just 1 ad break is pretty expensive wh...

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