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March 16, 2017

After the new year wish-rush & Feb 14th love-declarations, we wanted to show you our affection by sending you one wish for your 2017. One single spring-wish : 

Create debate in your head.

Too much thoughts in my head already, you’ll say. Our always-on connectivity forces us to battle through 200 daily emails, WhatsApp’s, continuous streams of social media. In between the 6000+ commercial messages that fight for our attention… it never ends. A study published in the journal Memory looks into the process of “cognitive offloading” (Risko, Gilbert): We necessarily filter what we allow our attention to focus on. A means of mental survival! But, here’s a w...

March 8, 2017

The Markitects joined the team to contribute to Orange’s crucial transition to multi-product convergence in a very competitive market. Their external view onto telco challenged our thinking and reframed our mindset. Going beyond telecom-thinking was key for me, as Orange wants to be a bolder challenger and pushing for a clear differentiation vs our usual competitors is a necessary ingredient for this.

Cristina Zanchi, Chief Consumer Officer, Orange Belgium


The telecom market is very dynamic and aggressive, hence Orange has developed speed and reactivity to respond to competition and make sure its services are constantly responding to customer ne...

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