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October 27, 2015


For this second Pitstop, we look at the core of any communication plan : What do you stand for? When is it time to rethink? 


1. People can't tell the difference/buy cheap versions of you. 


“They're all the same”. “They all apply the same over-used words”. Did you become an interchangeable copycat commodity? And if you say commodity, you're only competing on price & swimming in margin-destructing red oceans. If you stop being irreplaceable, it's time to innovate. Be edgy, make bolder choices & claim a more specific/unique brand territory. In short, define your DNA.


2. You have a better product but nobody notices. 


The era of “My...

October 16, 2015


It’s mandatory these days to say you’re customer-centric. Or patient-centric. Or consumer-focused. That you’re REALLY caring about what the consumer says. That you LISTEN. Why is it then, that consumers kinda smile in disbelief, saying “yeah, yeah, right”? People know that brands are after their dollars. If brands ‘pretend’ to listen, they are skeptical.  How do you credibly listen?


A. Do we watch’m or try to anticipate?


Consumer goods companies (aka fast-movers, FMCG, CPG) have a long tradition of researching consumer wants & needs on a continuous basis. “They’d only ask faster horses”, would argue Henry Ford or “People don't know what they want...

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