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January 31, 2020

"Tipping point" is being used in sustainable jargon to define the moment in which climate change becomes self-alimenting and unstoppable. But a positive change in society’s attitudes is surfacing. Can we stimulate its speed? Make it reach critical masses? Can 2020 be a tipping year?

The double 2 and the double 0 in 2020 create an interesting tension. But 2+2=4, and 4 asks us to focus on what we are 'for'. Hence we summarized a series of positive changes into 4 pillars to argue humanity is capable to tip things the other way. The list isn't exhaustive, but an invitation to add yours!

Scientists have long gathered the facts, but we see knowledge isn't...

March 16, 2017

After the new year wish-rush & Feb 14th love-declarations, we wanted to show you our affection by sending you one wish for your 2017. One single spring-wish : 

Create debate in your head.

Too much thoughts in my head already, you’ll say. Our always-on connectivity forces us to battle through 200 daily emails, WhatsApp’s, continuous streams of social media. In between the 6000+ commercial messages that fight for our attention… it never ends. A study published in the journal Memory looks into the process of “cognitive offloading” (Risko, Gilbert): We necessarily filter what we allow our attention to focus on. A means of mental survival! But, here’s a w...

June 21, 2016

Here are a few tactics and questions to start the resilience-debate :

  • Common mission : A recent HBR article (« To recover from a crisis, retell your company’s story » by Harry Hutson and Martha Johnson) mentions a big role for  : «As the organisation segues from « What just happened ?» to «What do we do with what just happened ?» a leader must create a lucid narrative to address confusion and disorientation. A crisis leader must be a storyteller. » What gives strength to combat crisis, is developed confidence around a common mission.

  • Do you confront comfort? What % of your team’s time goes to questioning your category? How much t...

June 21, 2016

Noone forces reinvention. It’s never urgent. It’s a slowly degenerating trend. What signs will tell me it’s time? Any clear alarm bells out there?

Here are some signals to watch out for :

  • If key indicators are on a downward trend: how’s your relevance (‘it’s a brand for me’) / your proximity (‘I feel close to’) / your net-promoter-score (NPS, response to the question ‘Give a score 1-10 your likelihood to recommend this’)? Any gap tells you you’re losing pulse. And predicts losing share. These KPI are not about confirming your average product quality is OK. It’s about a keeping brand experience engaging, make sure users feel understood/close/compe...

June 21, 2016

In today’s Belgium, there’s a lot of talk about resilience. “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”. Boris Cyrulnik, french neurologist and psychiatrist invented the term. Cyrulnik is a survivor of deportation, and his findings are that childhood trauma doesn’t always result in adult damage but often in strength instead. These heroes develop inner strength to bounce back and start again.

From kids to Belgium: Can Belgium bounce back? Develop optimism to see through grief. Take the opportunity to review accepted traditional thinking. It takes vision to step back, humility to rethink, courage to renovate established ways. Action to avoid t...

December 15, 2015


What marketing can learn from Xmas? It's that time again! The tree, sparkling red & green decorations, smell of speculaas-spices, 50's Jingle Bell songs, 4 red candles & funny reindeer lights @ the neighbours, ...


We do everything we can to make it warm inside & cheer everyone up in the cold winter. Is there anything useful from this particular experience of Christmas that can be applied back to the marketing science?


We've dissected the Xmas-shopping trip for you, and reverse-engeneered it to push your marketing up the emotional ladder.



Whenever you make a gift to someone, you desperately try to avoid the anonymous 25€ voucher from a cheap r...

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