Marketing Strategy


Develop the vision. Your brand positioning, the way you address customers’ needs. The strategy behind your business model, your customer experience, your media touchpoints. Since implementation of strategy across channels nourishes your positioning, we also act as architect-supervisors of the co-created plans.

Segmentation & Targeting




How to identify & divide today's hyperconnected, multi-device, well-informed & demanding consumers into coherent groups?

Is it just based on demographics, buying behaviors, real-time needs or technological maturity?

Same question for B2B: can I increase efficiency & target buyer groups more accurately?

Am I going after heavy users' cross-selling, churn reduction or non-users acquisition?

Do I have to focus my media budget on a single or multiple segments?

  • the Markitects encourage segmentation to focus marketing efforts, improve cost efficiency & reduce waste.

  • Sharp facts will filter your target. In a digital world of 121 conversations,  customers expect relevancy, personalisation and speed.  While marketing automation allows many tricks, choices are necessary.


It's the fundament for distinct marketing strategies & engage in conversation funnels that feel authentic.

Brand Positioning



“My product is perfect, but how do I position it?”

Is there stakeholder consensus about what we stand for? What is our USP & competitive advantage?

Are we in the top 3 considered brands for a customer need?

Is there a larger brand idea that is motivating & capturing our target's interest?

Is my company/brand truly differentiating? Do we stand out in today's digital chaos?

Are we so distinctive that we don't need to repeat messages as often as my high-budget competitors?

Can a small budget-challenger brand survive with all these fragmented media to invest in?

  • the Markitects' BRAND-iD® model promises clarity on your positioning & invites you to claim a specific brand territory. Through a sequential process, we will define vision & purpose, deep-rooted values & beliefs.

  • We narrow your DNA down to what makes it unique & aspirational to your teams and targets.

  • We will explicit the brand personality into complete brand equity guidelines. Building a precise checklist allows to avoid what's not 'on-brand'/contributing to long-term brand-development.

Marketing Strategy Development

Is my technical focus sufficient to lead in today's omnichannel battle?

Should I offer existing products or innovate with adapted/disruptive products?

Am I clear about my ambition to be a 1. Leader, 2. Challenger, 3. Follower, 4. Nicher?

Do I drive growth (in existing / developing markets) or protect market share (in mature markets)?

How do I make sure customers are fully aware of my superiority?

How can i transform my B2B lead generation efforts by injecting practices from B2C marketing?

  • Based on the audit's fact generation, new Insights, SWOT-analysis & laser-targeted segmentation, the Markitects facilitate the strategic process to build customer-driven strategies. 

  • Our tools blend proven practices from Consumer Goods companies (where clutter & frequency of purchase are such that competition is maximum) into your mix.

  • We integrate 3.0 marketing tools into your mix.


The output will define Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Action Plans & needed  Measurements (OGSM). This forms your roadmap towards target markets, products & brand positionings.

Brand Renovation

How aware are customers of my brand? Is it seen as competitive, superior, differentiated?

Does my brand promise still capture consumer consideration? Am I in their top 3?

Are my “benefits” & “reasons-to-believe” still relevant? Is there a need-gap to launch a new solution?

Are existing users so delighted about their user experience (UX) that they recruit peers into the brand (+++ Net promoter score)?

Is loyalty still possible in today's real-time decision-making?

Is it time to reinvent a mature brand or relaunch it? Is it strong enough to develop brand extensions?

  • the Markitects have branding experience in a variety of sectors & multiple countries.

  • We (re-)develop meaningful, differentiated brands with a unique & relevant DNA (identity, character & positioning).

  • We believe strong brand is a necessary basis to emerge in a category clutter.

  • A perfect product needs a perfect story. It requires motivating communication and a spotless omnichannel customer experience.


The end goal: craft a totally unique brand ecosystem, difficult to copy & deserving its premium price.


 Corporate Identity & Internal Communications

How to develop my corporate branding? Is the identity clear, internally & externally?

Are my corporate communications materials consistent & recognisable as belonging to us?

Are the benefits of living a corporate brand identity understood throughout the company? 

Are we maximizing the proprietary channels we control ('owned' media, eg newsletters, invoices, packaging, fleet, buildings)?

Are my USPs clearly translated into 'earned' media?

How present are we in people's conversation (i.e. social media) with their peers?  

  • the Markitects have held both senior management & marketing/media/communications' positions. We understand the balance needed between emotional & business-related goals.

  • We (re-)design your corporate brand into a motivating & relevant DNA.

  • We look for inspirational, crisp & memorable insights that capture your brand purpose.


A strong corporate brand equity creates clarity to the outside (financial) world & enhances employee motivation & loyalty.

Innovation & NPD

How do I ensure my R&D department delivers on customer unmet needs?

Is design-thinking a way to think "customer-centric'?

Can I build bridges between marketing and R&D? How to fill my products pipeline?

Can I make my product offer uncopiable?

Can I build a compelling value proposition around the product?

  • the Markitects steer you through the innovation process. We've been trained in consumer goods to start from consumer insights. We translate them into believable concepts & use “blue ocean” models to disrupt too competitive “incremental innovation”-tracks. We believe that making cross-industry links will create category-breaking innovation.


  • Lean Marketing : We believe in 'failing fast', in low-scale testing as soon as possible. Lean Design pushes developers to confront customers with new solutions, iterate & learn along the process.

  • Wrap innovations into business models & take it to international commercialisation is part of our expertise too. 

 Sustainable Decisions & cascading it 

How can I address my company's impact on its environment?

Can my business model integrate this footprint, modify or cancel it? (Can trucks use green wheels?)

We're  cradle-to-cradle since years, why communicate now?

Marketing this message can have positive impact on your brand's perception. Depending on your sector, it will have a recruiting or loyalizing effect.

  • the Markitects can also enable internal & external workstreams to innovate & reinvent the category creating “green oceans”.

  • the Markitects use their 'multinationals' marketing background to make serious causes more sexy and cascade it to wider audiences. 

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