Market Audit & Insights Assessment


a. Audit the business environment to produce useable facts.

b. Get a clear & precise picture of all stakeholders' perceptions and needs.

c. Screen out key levers that drive your business, category & brand.


Market Audit

What is going in & around your marketplace?

Are external factors modifying your ability to attract & retain customers?

Is technology disrupting or “Uberising” the market? Are new players solving initial customer needs?

Are early/weak signals outside your industry signifying new possibilities or threats?

The amount of available data are exploding, noise is the new issue. How do you structure & capture what's relevant to accelerate growth?

  • the Markitects take fresh angles at interactions affecting your business model. We have been trained to digest intelligence & filter out relevant facts.


  • Analysis' output is plotted into our Zero-photo matrix®. This prioritisation-tool is designed to facilitate data-driven decisions. It translates data in strategies & action plans that impact performance.

Insight Generation



Beyond demographics, what fine-granular characteristics make up my audience?

Do mega-trends transform how they think & act (e.g. Greying population vs. ipad utilisation)?

Can I produce clear profiles with buying habits, usage patterns, interests, click behaviour?

Are all my stakeholders clearly mapped (retailers, customers, consumers, suppliers, media, NGOs, prescribers, key-opinion-leaders...)?

Do I have processes in place to collect feedback, insights & allow me to anticipate their wishes?

Do I generate data-precision to use digital ('the end of one-size-fits-all mass marketing') to tailor my brand messages for each stakeholder?

  • the Markitects cristallise your audience profile, attributes & perceptions. Zooming in, we segment your target into coherent subgroups

  • If insights are sharp, messages get relevant/impactful

  • Targeted marketing campaigns = higher ROMI (Return On Marketing Investments)


This will be the condition for €-efficient 1-to-1 marketing & recruitment of lookalikes to expand your customer base.

SWOT analysis



Previous steps feed data into the classic 2 by 2 SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/

Threats) matrix. Data-loaded with knowledge, this strategic exercise poses provocative questions that are healthy to stop at.

What strengths can we extrapolate?

Can we improve / avoid... ?

Am I unique & perceived that way? What factors "get the sale"? Are they still valid?

Do we detect new opportunities on our radar: trends, new standards, changing technology?

  • the Markitects  take a fresh stance to identify, analyze & question your brand key SWOT elements.

  • We mix & match with stakeholders' needs, market constraints & gaps to establish a long list of company objectives.

  • Once filtered and prioritised, critical SWOT elements focus our workflows.


It's a kickstarter tool for your marketing strategy.

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