We like to cross bridges with other industries to ignite new approaches & above all differentiation. 


Below the type of questions we receive.  

My product has become a commodity.

Can we maintain our competitive advantage? How to introduce an ecosystem of products and services that is unique and justifies our premium price? 

Is our customer experience outdated?

Can my customer experience (CX) be transformed to generate more loyalty, more cross-selling and a better Net Promoter Score (NPS) to recruit new customers? 

Our marketing mix is too product-focused

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies have often been the quickests to react to customer needs. Their marketing teams start from the consumer, just like Design Thinking does. Injecting these practices into your business model can make you customer/consumer/user/chooser or patient-centric. ‏

What can B2B learn from B2C?

Can we use learnings on digital, on media targeting to generate more awareness? Can we push conversion by adapting decision funnels that are increasingly human-to-human, rather than b-to-b?

BIG DATA - what can i do with it?

Mass marketing is dead. To be efficient, the digital marketing mix is becoming targeted and increasingly personalised. Build the right systems & tools including CRM, marketing automation and web analytics to follow your target up close.

My budget is 1/10 of my competitors.

Make every penny spent 1000% efficient. Clarify your positioning, build 1 coherent message across all touchpoints. Avoid any waste in media planning. 

Can we explain our superior product in an emotional way?

Explain complicated topics in a compelling way (eg video, infographic, gamification).‏‏ Do you have a story to tell: storytelling translate USPs into messages that leverage emotion & build relevance. Bottom make them feel something.

Can marketing do more pre-work for sales?

Inbound marketing & content marketing are key in a digital world where more than 50% of the decision is taken before any human contact. Brands want to be present early in the decision funnel & be in the top 3 brands buyers will think of.

Can you generate more leads for my salesforce?

We're not growing fast enough. Generate more demand, industrialise prospecting, accelerate awareness: attract new customers. & reach non-customers.

Too many media, where to invest?

the media landscape is hugely fragmented. With social media, everyone is a medium. And word of mouth, or peer-to-peer referral is gaining momentum in our digital world.  

We want the latest marketing tools integrated.

Mass marketing is dead. To be efficient, the marketing mix is becoming targeted and increasingly personalised. Build the right systems & tools including CRM, marketing automation & web analytics to follow your target all along his decision funnel.

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