Planning & Activation


Once the strategy is defined, the Markitects assist you in translating it into annual plans. 

Just like architects we can then coordinate implementation of the works with your team & agencies.

Brand Activation

Is my Marketing Plan in line with our strategy?

What budget should I allocate to increase revenue?

Does my communication convey what we're about / the value we deliver?

Is it consistently executed at all levels of the organization? My brand identity well reflected in all media?

Should we optimize our product line-up? 

Do we have a clear price/promotion strategy?

Do we have an adequate market coverage? How to optimize our distribution?

  • the Markitects are your outsourced marketing department. We help you to activate operational marketing plans in line with marketing strategies, from budget planning all the way to ROI measurement.

  • We have cross-sector experience of B2C/B2B/B2B2C marketing mixes. We integrate cutting-edge tools that your digitalised audience expects (Net Promotor Score, User Experience, Big Data Personalisation or digital targeting, to name a few).

Impact-based Advertising ('what' you say)

Develop advertising to bring the message in distinctive & memorable ways that sticks to the mind?

A creative execution addressing my target so effectively it maximises ROI of every € spent in media?

Are you tailoring messages to specific market segments (Personalised 121 being the new norm)?

Can I explain complex techniques simply (eg interactive video, gamification)?

  • the Markitects can co-create with your agencies to develop Impact-based advertising on-strategy & on-brand. This ensures a lasting brand-building effect. It's not what you say, it's what they remember.

  • Trained marketing eyes make hybrid connections between creative & strategic goals.

  • Strong adepts of differentiation-marketing, we craft any campaign for stand-out & stopping-power. And yes, we break category codes for impact.

Media strategy (to whom you say it, where & how often)

How to optimise media investments vs. fragmented advertising possibilities?

How to engage my target group vs. simply reach them?

How to stand out in 6000+ messages a day?

How to use technology to avoid waste, and be cost-efficient?

Can I reach smaller customer segments, leverage multi-device responsiveness with tailored messages?

Can I only pay for performance, i.e. when I actually reach my target?

  • Using MEDIATECT® modelling, the Markitects develop 3.0 media strategies.

  • We support you with planning, buying, auditing results & follow up.

  • Being media-neutral, we optimise impact vs. budget. We aim for cost-efficient combinations of Paid+Owned+Earned Media. If needed we organise pitch processes.

  • Based on your specific OGSM needs, we tailor your media approach. Be it ATL, PR, Digital, Social or 121 social conversations. 

Digital-native marketing

Internet and online isn’t part of your mix, it is your mix.

We think digital first, in every thing we do. We look at buyer’s conversion funnels & today it starts online (>50% of a buyer's decision-making process happens before any human contact).

What we love about digital: we can personalise & measure everything. Performance-based advertising equals the end of waste. It also allows a much lower entry ticket : your media campaign budget starts as low as you want/need it.

  • the Markitects, together with its specialist partners will build a digital strategy based on your strategic objectives: channel integration / content-marketing to feed in-bound marketing / maximise reach through SEO (search engine optimisation) & SEA (search engine advertising).

  • We optimise budgets through targeted investments (eg. pay per click or retargeting).

  • We also manage & coordinate development of engaging websites, your customer funnel in mind, easy to navigate, with key information available in less than 3 clicks.

Marketing Automation (Mar-Tech)

Are you generating an overwhelming flow of qualified leads for your sales team?

Are you tracking your leads’ digital reactions across touchpoints?

Are BIG DATA a BIG HYPE? How to generate my data, how to leverage them pragmatically?

Marketing automation, the next step in customer management relationship (CRM), turns data into action. Every click along the buyer’s funnel becomes feedback that demands adapted content & personalised re-marketing.

  • the Markitects construct lead-nurturing strategies.

  • We translate big (& little) raw data into actionable levers in your communication mix to be the right trigger at the adequate lifecycle stage. 

  • With partners we put software & processes in place to go personal. We organise funnels into workflows with increasingly segmented sequences towards conversion.

  • Add precision to your content factory & content becomes relevant. Relevance is what converts prospects to leads & customers into delighted customers.


Your marketing turns into a learning platform that becomes more accurate every day.

Effective automation generates additional revenue, new leads & provides ever-improving ROI.

It saves your teams’ time since many repetitive processes are now programmed!

Inbound Marketing

Can I drive brand awareness, engagement & leads with limited resources?

Instead of multiplying sales teams, can prospects come to us? Inbound marketing is exactly that : pull prospects towards brands vs. pushing 1-size-fits-all advertising out to the masses.

Inbound marketing is about creating your credibility. Quality content in line with customer’s interests (eg email marketing, social media, blogs, videos, whitepapers, podcasts, webinars, etc) will help your score across search engines & attract traffic.


The essence of this content strategy is the belief that if we, as businesses, deliver consistent,

ongoing valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.”


Content Marketing Institute



  • Based on stakeholder research, insights development & buyer persona profiling, the Markitects develop & activate inbound strategies that pull strangers to you.

  • Based on your technical expertise & brand positioning, we plan a content strategy.

  • Content flows will fuel core digital marketing channels.

  • Once attracted, e-commerce flows will work towards acquisition & transform visits into sales. Evaluating content’s analytics allows to continuously adapt & fine-tune.

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